Karen Lyberger
About Me

The medium of glass offers me possibilities like no other, the transparent and luminescent qualities I have found in no other the medium. They are totally involving; the play of light being reflected and fractured is amazing and intriguing. I have used many mediums as an artist find glass, photography and painting to be the most exciting and rewarding.

 I studied art, ceramics and photography at Sacramento City College. This is where I spent the turbulent sixties. I was introduced to Wayne Thiebaud, Gregory Condos, and Dale Gilhooly.  In the seventies I studied painting, photography and ceramics at Sacramento State University under Ruth Rippon, Peter Vandenburg, and Jack Ogdon. I’ve had a one-woman show of my photography and been in many group shows with my ceramics and glass. My Bachelor of Arts degree is in Art and Photography.  In the 70's a few of us formed a small company taking wholesale orders for ceramics from stores and boutiques places like Neiman Marcus and the Crossroads Gallery. Tiring of the starving student/artist life style, I took a job with Tower Books and bought art, photography, and craft books for different stores for over twenty years eventually becoming a Regional Manager.  I moved to the Bay Area in 1988 feeling the need for some contact with the creative process. I started attending glass classes taught by Janet Hiebert. In 1997, with a few others we formed Hot Flash Glass and it continued to grow until we dissolved it in 2006. I find glass by far the most exciting medium I have worked in yet. I love the transparent and opalescent qualities and have lately been combining mediums using ceramic underglazes to draw on the glass and clay molds to make three dimensional glass tiles. I have many new ideas for projects in the coming months using the luminescent and transparent qualities that only the medium of glass embodies.


I am committed to helping a company soar to new heights. I can provide the knowledge and experience that is necessary for any successful enterprise.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, traveling with my other half and his band: Big Brother and the Holding Company. I also really enjoy his children and grandchildren. I also love cruising on the San Francisco Bay in the Presidential Yacht Potomac - FDR's "Floating White House"

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